jam time classes rock!

We offer a variety of fun, stimulating + creative classes that nourish your child’s social and physical skills while providing hands-on playtime for children and caregivers

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All Classes
  • Free open play 7-days a week when enrolled in any class
  • 20% multiple class, 15% sibling & twins discounts
  • $20 to drop-into a class (pending availability)
  • Flexible make-up classes
  • Every class is new + fun
  • Classes prorated if you start mid-session
  • Birthday party discounts
  • $40 to add unlimited play for siblings not enrolled in class
  • check our calendar for class availability
2017 Fall Session
  • 8 week sessions starting Sept 11th
  • $180 for most classes
  • $195 for Jammin' Science and Lucky Day Music
  • No membership fees
  • unlimited open play during your enrollment period
  Music Together®
  • 9 session for $233 Music Togther
  • Session starts Sept 19th
  • Deluxe music package (two cd’s & music book)
  • $15 first-time registration fee for new families
  • Additional sibling discounts
  • Unlimited play during the session for families enrolled in Music Together class
  • For more info visit - www.mistervic.com

class age time class description
movers 9 - 18 months parent involved Our movers class is sure to please your budding explorer! Each class includes music and song, movement activities, a baby obstacle course, parachute play, a visit to the sensory table, and storytime. Children work on mobility while having fun with their caregivers + meeting new friends along the way!
explorers 18 months - 2 years parent involved Our explorers class is catered especially for the growing toddler and their caregiver. Each class includes music and song, movement activities, energetic games and obstacle courses, parachute play, and a visit to the sensory table. Class themes include winter fun, gingerbread gamily + teddy bear picnic.
adventurers 2 - 3 years parent involved Adventurers is the perfect class for all energetic and inquisitive 2 year olds! Each class combines songs and music play, cooperative games, art, obstacle courses, and a visit to the sensory table. Enjoy class themes such as roaring dinosaurs, bugs and butterflies, teddy bear picnic, balls of fun, black and white, splash time, and little constructors. Lots of creative play while children work on their motor and social skills!
moving + grooving 18 - 36 months parent involved This class is for kids who like to be on the move and kids you want to get on the move. We will tackle the obstacles, sing and dance, move together with bubbles and the parachute! There will be climbing, rocking, sliding, balancing + we will make our own music.
jam kids 3 - 4 years drop off Jam Time is excited to offer this weekly 2 hour drop-off class for 3 and 4 year olds during the summer only. The set curriculum includes circle time, music, obstacle courses, activity tables for sorting, building, and stringing, free play, snack, cooperative games, parachute play, bubbles, sensory table exploration, art, puppetry, and storytime. Children will receive personalized attention that allows them to work on separation, gain independence, meet new friends, and learn through play! Class limited to 10 kids who must be potty trained.
jammin' science 3 ½ - 6 years drop off In each jammin' science class, preschoolers learn about the world around them through age appropriate demonstrations and class experiments. Class themes include stars in space, some dinosaurs eat plants, hot and cold, rainbows of fun, electricity its really hair raising, and our body and what is does.
lucky day music 0 - 5 years parent involved Lucky Day Music Classes were developed by Children's performer and educator Stacey Peasley. Classes include music and movement, instrument play, bubble time, fingerplays, parachute activities, marching band, puppet fun, and more! Lucky Day Music is a unique mix of Stacey's award-winning original songs, classic children's songs, and the best music for children currently out there today.
music together 0 - 5 years parent involved Join Music Together® for their world-renowned music classes. Each 45-minute class includes music, rhythmic chants, movement, instrument play, and parent education. Each family will receive two cd's, a music book with words, music, illustrations, and ideas for musical play; and semi-annual e-newsletters. New families to our program will also receive a Musical Growth Chart and Parent/Child dvd.
rhythm kids 4 - 7 years parent involved Based on the Music Together curriculum, Rhythm Kids™ (ages 4 through 7) is the next musical step for your child. Each week we drum, sing, dance, play rhythm instruments, and begin to play music-based games. The class guides children toward developmentally appropriate music and movement activities, where they can begin to take charge and be musically creative. They make up their own drumming patterns, invent new ways to play rhythm instruments and even take a drum solo! Drums will be provided, but you can bring your own. Class includes cd’s, music book, and online video tutorials.
royal ettiquitte 3.5 - 7 years drop off Each royal etiquette event starts with dress-up fun for princesses, knights and kings followed by etiquette tips, games, stories, a craft, and ending with a real tea party! Children learn how to act like royalty with themes such as being patient, curtsey and courteous and table manners
tiny toes ballet 2 - 4 years drop off This intro to dance class is designed especially for little ones aged 2-3. Children will enjoy twirling with magic wands and prancing like unicorns as they learn classical ballet techniques at an age appropriate level. Run by Miss Anne from Miss Tricia’s Dance Studio, children will enjoy learning the basic steps of dance, creative movement, and vocabulary in this drop-off class for girls and boys.
color*full 4 - 8 years drop off Come join us on the 3rd friday of each month for this great drop off workshop run by Color*Full. Each workshop features a homemade play dough sensory and sculpture station, a guided art project, and additional self-directed art stations, all inspired by the colors of the season
little limelight 3 - 5 years drop off This wonderful Musical Theater class is run by the Performing Arts Connection of Sudbury. The children will sing, dance and act so make sure they bring their imagination as it will come to life in this exciting class for rising stars.
cardiodance 2 - 4 years parent involved Join H2K for Cardio Dance with your Toddler! We will be movin’, groovin’ and working up a sweat. Each class will be a combination of circle time, dancing, games, and musical obstacle courses. We will end each class with healthy goals and meditation with our very own H2K Buddha-Dog.
little ninjas 3 ½ - 6 years drop off Lil’ Ninjas is an imaginative fitness class combining elements of kickboxing, tumbling, and many obstacle courses. Each class will engage your child on a journey through their first Ninja Academy! This class provides a fun and exciting atmosphere while building basic strength, agility, and self-control skills.
cardio kickboxing 4th - 7th grade drop off Kids Cardio Kickboxing will teach your child self-defense, self-confidence, and discipline in a fun and safe environment. Kickboxing will improve their flexibility, coordination, strength, concentration, and allow them to work out any daily frustrations.
wellness bootcamp 3 - 7 years drop off Wellness Class will start each day with meditation followed by a super fun fitness class. We will focus on a combination of activities and topics including yoga, hip hop, kickboxing, creative movement, nutrition, relaxation, and meditation. Each day students will complete an art project that reflects a specific wellness theme followed by closing mediation, games and healthy goals to work on! This class is intended to build confidence, self-esteem and to engage children in physical and mindful activities that they actually enjoy.
toddling yogis 9 - 24 mths parent involved This yoga class is a gift for parent and child--a time to bond and share, and a time for little yogis to explore how their bodies move, balance, breathe, and play. Crawlers and young walkers will explore developmentally appropriate poses and activities at their own individual pace, and with a chance to see and interact with new friends!
mommy and baby yoga 0 - 12 mths parent involved This class is a gentle yoga class designed to help new moms regain muscle tone, abdominal strength, and flexibility. Moms can stretch their body with their baby in front of them. Moms are free to feed their baby, change their diapers or comfort them during the class. Moms are encouraged and guided to involve the baby during the class. Moms are taught a variety of stretches which can be used while feeding.