fequently asked questions!

Can I stop by anytime or do I need to reserve a spot?

Our public play hours have changed slightly due to the pandemic and in order to better serve our families. We never require pre-registration for drop in/public play!

From September 1 to April 30
Maynard, Natick, Norwood
MONDAY thru FRIDAY: 9am-5:30pm
SAT/SUN: 9-11:45am
Natick Mall
SAT/SUN: 10am-1:30pm

From May 1 to August 31
Maynard, Natick, Norwood
MONDAY, FRIDAY: 9am-5:30pm
SAT/SUN: 9-11:45am
Natick Mall
SAT/SUN: 10am-1:30pm

Can I leave and come back or do I have to pay again?

Yes! Your drop in play is good for all day play at Jam Time! You can come and go with your little ones as you please until we close! All children must be accompanied by an adult (18 yrs old or older) at all times. Caregivers are not to leave child(ren) unattended at any time.

Do you offer memberships?

We offer a digital play pass and a seasonal (3 month) pass as options for discounted play. Our play pass is $135 for 12 individual admissions. Our seasonal pass is offered 4 times per year and the pricing varies depending upon the number of children: Spring (Mar-May), Summer (Jun-Aug), Fall (Sept-Nov), Winter (Dec-Feb). All passes are valid for one family per household and can not be split between accounts.

Do you offer private play times where I can reserve all of Jam Time for just me and some friends?

During the pandemic, Jam Time adjusted its hours and did our best to be able to provide some different play options to our families. Private play was, in fact, one of those options. Once Jam Time was able to open up for public play and parties full time, we were no longer able to offer private play options. If you would like to book a private event at Jam Time, we do offer 3 different private party options, please see our PARTY FAQ page for more details.

Do you offer discounts for large groups?

Jam Time loves to be able to host play groups! Please email play@jamtime.com to inquire about scheduling a play group and other group discounts that may be available.

How often do you clean your facility?

Jam Time prides itself on being the cleanest indoor playspace! So whenever you arrive for playtime or a party, you can be assured that the entire facility was just sanitized. We also sanitize at the beginning and end of public playtime. Jam Time is stocked with soap and water in all restrooms, our own FDA approved hand sanitizer which is a 75% isopropyl alcohol based sanitizer (available to purchase!), lysol spray, lysol wipes and other various cleaners that kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. All locations also have a FreshAir Surround air purifier by Vollara.

I have a Jam Time Gift Card- can I only use it on public play?

Nope! You can use your gift card on ANYTHING at Jam Time! Snacks, classes, passes, parties, or public play!

Am I able to bring in my own food?

You are welcome to bring in any nut free snacks or drinks you like and enjoy them in our cafe area. All food/drink must be kept in our cafe, no food or drinks are allowed on the play floor. If you or anyone in your party has a snack made from a peanut butter alternative (Wowbutter, Sunbutter), please inform management (tree nut butters, such as almond, cashew, walnut, hazelnut and pecan butters are not allowed). We have tables in our cafe for families to use for snacks during playtime. You can not use the cafe for anything aside from a quick snack or drink. No celebrations in our cafe as this is a violation of our parties without reservation policy.

When is a good time to come in when you aren’t really busy? My child loves to play but would benefit from a less crowded, stimulating environment.

Jam Time typically will be busier between the hours of 9am - 12pm, especially when the weather is bad. We will typically slow down in the middle of day when people leave for naps and lunch and might pick back up again after most schools let out 3pm - close. If you or your child(ren) would benefit from a limited capacity as well as some more sensory friendly accommodations, we’ve got great news! Jam time is a newly certified Autism Welcoming business! We’ve dedicated a monthly hour of play with a sensory sensitive environment for our families who may need it. We offer accommodations like dimmed lighting, limited capacity, a quieter play space, and a relaxed “shoe wearing policy”. Siblings welcome, sensory kits available upon request! Email play@jamtime or call your local Jam Time for details.

Must everyone wear socks?

In order to keep Jam Time as clean as possible, everyone (kids and adults) must wear socks at Jam Time. We sell brand new socks that are yours to keep for $2 in case you forget to bring socks.

What is our current mask policy?

Masks are entirely optional. If you or anyone in your party feels unwell, we ask that you come back to Jam Time on a day you or they are feeling better and play!

Do you have a place to change a diaper?

Yes, we have changing tables in all of our restrooms. Please refrain from changing diapers or clothing in our lobby or play floor.

I have a child under the age of 1, is Jam Time suited for babies?

We have an infant area with lots of baby toys including bouncers, an exersaucer, walkers, sensory toys, board books, and soft gym mats and tunnels. 0-6 is our age range, and it's a great environment for anyone to start playing!

What form of payment do you accept?

Yes, we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We also take Tap to Pay Methods too! Currently we do not accept personal checks, Venmo, or CashApp as forms of payment.

Anything else I need to know before coming to Jam Time?

Jam Time has a lot to offer! From play groups, classes, parties, donations, and special events- if you have a question we haven’t addressed, please email: play@jamtime.com, class@jamtime.com, party@jamtime.com, donations@jamtime.com, comments@jamtime.com